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Yoga Burn Challenge! – What You Need To Know

Yoga Burn Challenge! – What You Need To Know

Yoga is a physical and mental exercise that comprises so many poses that aids in building your core muscles, arm strength, leg, hips, quadriceps, and so on.
Yoga is not a competitive sport activity; you have to focus solely on your personal target to achieve the result that you desire

Yoga exercise only takes your strength to hold your body, although it tends to be a full-body workout. However, it doesn't have any impact on your joints.
People of various ages and levels can practice the Yoga exercise, and there’s no discrimination to who is eligible to try it out.

Yoga can be practiced both outdoors and indoors with the yoga mat and no other equipment required. You just have to rely on your body for weight resistance.

yoga burn

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Physical benefits of yoga

Yoga exercise comprises so many benefits that is designed to help you gain all the necessary female bodybuilding benefits you are looking out for.

● Improved energy, respiration and vitality

● Maintains metabolism balance

● Protection against injury

● Weight loss

● It increases muscle strength

● It increases flexibilityAnd so much more.

The Yoga Burn Program!
Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified personal trainer who is also a female bodybuilding expert and yoga instructor, designed the

yoga burn program,

which is scheduled to last for 12 weeks, this twelve weeks training program can be followed up online. This program was designed specifically for women who are seeking a way to lose weight and keep fit. The yoga Bond program is focused on teaching women different yoga poses that can increase the metabolism of the body, ways to burn fat, and how to achieve weight loss.

Different Phases Of The Yoga Burn Program

yoga burn

Foundational flow

In this phase, you follow all of the videos which are easy to learn from. You get to learn different yoga sequences that you have to kick start you with the processes involved in building lean muscles. This phase is handled within four weeks; you'll get to learn how to prevent injuries, and also receive guides on the concepts of the connection between the mind and the body.

Transitional flow

After successful completion of the foundational phase, you'll be taught more advanced moves and help you increase heart rate, overall metabolism, and increased calorie burn rate.

This phase will help you understand the process of muscle building and ways of losing fat. You'll understand the ethics of a smooth transition between different poses

The videos in this phase focus more on large scale muscle building within the core, the lower and the upper body. The transitional flow helps in connecting you to the peace within your mind. Your core would be strengthened, and your arms would be more toned.

Mastery Flow

Mastery flow being the third phase of the Yoga burn challenge is designed to perform unimaginable wonder to your body metabolism. This phase is best described as the

yoga burn

master phase. The intensity of work done in the transitional stage is increased in this stage, and the best results are achieved. Within the ninth and the twelfth week, there'd be a noticeable fat loss; there would be more improvement around the core, the hips, and the arms.

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