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DJI Mavic Mini – Hands Down One Of The Best Drone For Traveling

DJI Mavic Mini – Hands Down One Of The Best Drone For Traveling

DJI Mavic Mini – Hands Down One Of The Best Drone For Traveling

In this review we will be talking about DJI Mavic Mini – Fly more combo

Which I believe to be one of the best all-round drones money can buy, if your planning to go on a holiday or a vacation, and you need a drone you can just throw in your suitcase, then the Mavic Mini is the drone for you weighing in at just 249 grams and the size of an iPhone 11pro makes it the perfect travel companion

I have been using DJI Drones for Many years now since the Phantom Series and the only complaint I ever had was the size when traveling with all the extra gear, it was literally like carrying a separate suitcase

Then came the Mavic Pro which is a great Drone and very easy to travel with, but here's the thing – if you are a professional and need professional images and video then yes, you need to look for either the Mavic Pro 2 or the Phantom series of drones. the Mavic Pro 2 which is one of my favorite 4k 60fps drones with the Fly More Kit – Pro controller & Protector Case will cost you $2,049

Is your goal is just to get great video in general


Then I don't think you need that Pro-quality the Mavic Mini is more than sufficient for capturing holiday videos family videos, travel blogs which can be easily edited & shared effortlessly on the go, as for the sensor size it's 1 over 2 thirds which are the same sensor sizes of the DJI SparkDJI Mavic Air & also the Mavic Pro Platinum so the video quality of the Mavic Mini is really good it shoots at 2.7K at 30fps and when you combine that with the 3 -axis stabilized Gimble and a price of $499 then this makes the Mavic Mini a winner

Main Selling Point

For me, the main attraction is the size and weight, and because its only 249 grams there is no need for any type of drone flying license, according to the FAA, if your just a hobbyist then you don't need to put a registration number on the drone in most countries, you don't need to tell them who you are or give them any of your personal information it's actually classed as a toy. You can just go out and fly. If it was 1 gram heavier or any craft over 250 grams you would have to register it get a number and stick it on your drone, now this does not technically change how you should fly the drone. it should still be used in a proper way and you must abide by the certain laws

● Stay below 400 Feet

● Maintain line of sight

● Don't fly over people

● Do not fly in the dark

● Be aware of airports and aircrafts

and most of all using your common sense


This is great because as you know most countries have really cracked down on the usage of drones all over the world now and it's not so good when you go on holiday expecting to fly your drone and getting all of your holiday footage but not really knowing the laws of that particular country or even having the correct documents for using a drone, to the risk that it could get confiscated or you, or even get a hefty fine, Mavic Mini will save you lots of unnecessary stress and complications if you don't have a license to fly drones because of the size factor its really small

What's In The Box

In the box you will get

● The Aircraft

● Remote Controller

● x3 Intelligent Flight Battery

● x3 Pairs of Spare Propellers

● Micro UBB Cable

● Gimbal Protector

● Pair of Spare Control Sticks

● Battery Hub for charging all 3 batteries and even your mobile phone

● Proppelors Guards

● x18 Spare Screws

● Screwdriver

● DJI 18W USB Charger

● Carrying Bag

and the obvious Micro USB Lightning connector iPhone also Micro USB C connector for Android devices, and a great carrying case for your drone and all the items listed all in all a great package for USD $499

Mavic Mini

Flight Time And Distance

As for the flight time, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning with DJI stating 30 mins of flight, and I must say I was blown away to get to constantly get over 25mins of flight time in quite windy conditions and a hover time of 27mins I mean wow that is outstanding coming from a drone that is so small

How far Can it go well this drone is rated for over 4 kilometers which is around 2½ Miles and for a drone the size of your iPhone, that's some distance. now I would not advise you to try to achieve this distance but its plenty enough for normal use and to get the great shots that your looking for, I would suggest the maximum of 1000 feet up to 1500 feet this is easily achieved with no transmission issues and knowing that it can go even further if needed

Mavic Mini

Max Transmission Distance 5.8 GHz: 4000 m ( FCC ): 2500 m ( SRRC ) this is a wifi-based drone with enhanced wifi this will give you great confidence when flying they even have a new app for this drone you don't use the normal DJI Go app with this, its a more simplified app called DJI Fly its a great app where you will find different flying modes such as your Quick Shots this is where you can program the Mavic MIni to perform in the various shooting modes ie – Helix – Dronie – Rocket – Circle, unfortunately, it doesn't have the intelligent flight modes as found on the Mavic Pros, But you will still achieve great cinematic video from this drone


When you want to charge the drone you can plug it straight into the wall outlet as it comes with DJI's fast charger. With the Fly More Combo, you can just take your battery out of the drone and plug it straight into the battery hub, which is super convenient

Final thoughts

If you're new to the world of ariel technology and you just want a drone that's small powerful and easy to use, that also has a lot of the same capabilities that you would find on the more Professional drone, minus the intelligent modes the biggest trade-off being there is no 4k video for all you videographers out there, but don't get me wrong as the 2.7k – 30fps video footage on top of a 3 axis stabilized Gimble is fantastic from a drone that is so capable and fits in your pocket for a fraction of the price, of what you would pay for the more professional counterparts, The Mavic Mini is truly One Of The Best Drone For Traveling.

DJI, the leaders when it comes to Drone Technology

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2 years ago

Amazing review mate and just in time because I need a drone for taking shots on holiday and by the beach.

Fantastic for me it’s a no brainer.

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