A Spiritual Dating Site, That Looks Promising

I have always found it very hard to recommend dating sites, after using so many of them over the years. not really seeing the true benefits or just feeling unsatisfied with the service, and at the same time wondering to myself if the messages and profiles I am reading are real or fake.

Scam Only Websites

If you are anything like me and have been searching, for something more than just a quick “leg over” and have been finding it hard to match up with someone looking for the same thing as you, which is more than just a quick date but something involving a good conversation, or a date that could lead to something a lot more special.

But the majority of the websites seem to be more about money and not value, most dating sites offer subscriptions but with limitations, whether its the ability to send a limited amount of messages a day, or pay upfront for 6 to 12 months, what if I only want to try it out for a month? well then for that one month it could cost anything from 29€ to 35€.

Is a website that initially gives you a good impression, with lots of beautiful profiles of men & women around the globe, whether your looking for people from The Ukraine, Russia, Latín America, or China.

You will find some of the most polished profiles on the internet to date, after doing some research about this particular company. Who have been in business for over 25 years and claim to have over 40.000 beautiful and sincere foreign men and women to choose from which they selected from over 600.000 profiles.

But the prices are just out of this world, charging you $10 just to send a message and the same if you want to read one, if a particular person has sent you photos then you need to pay to see them, and this isn’t cheap either.


A very popular one with millions of users, and a great swiping style app, which allows users to quickly swipe through users. Hoping for a match on your profile.

This app is free to use and shares the same style of user interface as the Bumble App, with millions users , but if you would like to see who has liked your profile or clicked yes on you, again it’ can get quite pricey to, at 30€ a month or you can pay upfront for either 6/12 months at a discounted rate.

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Is another popular dating site with a great number of users, nice and easy to use, it has a very clean interface, the price is quite good too the only complaint I really have with this is that the cheapest subscription is 9.99€ you must pay upfront for 6 months, but again it only allows you to send 10 messages per day.

Therefore limiting your use, and if your a talker like me you will feel a bit short changed from this.


Is a very popular app used mainly by people who travel to different countries quite often, most of the members are looking to make new friends or find love on this platform.

A lot of the members dream to visit certain exotic countries around the world, and would gladly accept an invitation to come and visit your country whilst staying with you, or vice versa welcome you to go and have fun with them in their country of origin, It’s an interesting app, to say the least price for this app is 29.99€ per month without limitations.

The List Goes On

With Sites such as Badoo, Plenty of Fish, Lovoo, TrulyAsian,, Eharmony, they all have their positive and negatives great apps some of which have way too much adds spoiling your searching experience, and again also the price to have a subscription can get a bit too high.

A Little Gem

I did however come across a brand new dating site called Twin Flames Dating it looks to be very new as if it has just been created with not so many users at the moment,

It’s a spiritual dating site trying to connect people on a deeper level, these are the kind of sites I hope people support, it’s still very much so in its infancy, but I do love the concept of this one, its certainly not the first spiritual dating site but I love how it reads and how it put together.

I contacted the creators of this site, to ask them about their vision and reason for creating this site. they told me that they wanted to help bring kindred souls together, by creating a comfortable place wherein people who are on a spiritual journey or have just started their journey, can use it as a medium to connect and not be discouraged by other people’s opinions.

From what I can gather it seems like these guys are on their own spiritual journey, and this is their way of giving back.

I understood this, as it can be difficult when starting your spiritual journey especially as a lot of people don’t understand the concept of spirituality, at least the majority of users that might use this website will on a similar path.

Sadly with only a few users at the moment but when it does gain traction, judging on what the creators have told me and the way the site is laid out, “for me” as long as they don’t change the price of the subscription at only $15 per month with no limitations, and no need to pay monthly subscriptions upfront.

I think we should be onto a winner at a price most people can afford to pay. They do have a Free Membership. all though you would need to upgrade your membership if you want to communicate with other members, they even have a chatroom feature for you guys that spend hours in chatrooms, but again to use that feature you will have to upgrade to the premium pack, which is still reasonably priced.

I will leave a link to the page below please go show some support as I do really believe in spiritual dating sites like this, trying to bring people together that are on a spiritual path, it is a great move forward especially if it helps bring more harmony to our planet.

Twin Flames Dating

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